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The Nobility Of Men

To/Against/For: The Compensations Given To Women

to Women and the guys who salute them:

i have arrived at a breakthrough-realization regarding the superiority that Women have over guys! it happened while i was editing all of the sexual satire at my homepage,

i have finally realized the reason why any random female is referred to as a "woman," while calling any random male a "man" is replaced by "guy". it's because calling someone a "man" seems to be reserved for men who have done something noble that's worthy of respect, while anyone with a set of milk jugs and a bloody womb is worthy enough to be called a "woman". or, fittingly, a "wombn".

"he's not a MAN," said the ex-wife about her former if to suggest that being a legitimate man is something that a male who she doesn't respect cannot achieve. has anyone ever heard anyone say "she's not a WOMAN," in an effort to belittle a female? of course not, and that's because "man" is more noble a word than the overused "woman" is.

well, every cocoa-american male seems to be awarded the title of "man," but that hints back to the unwarranted respect given to any female being labeled a "woman" just because of her gender. the "black man" is worthy of the "man" title just because of his race. much like "affirmative action," females are "women" regardless, while males must earn the title of "man". does that suggest that females are partly disabled and that special consideration is given to them because of their disability? is "affirmative action" actually racist to perceive cocoa-americans as similarly disabled and unable to achieve as well as whites? and how does this perceived lack of ability relate to sports teams based on gender or a chain of fitness centers for females only? what about making a special "ladies' division" of the coney island hot dog eating competition, what about the acceptance of the sexism permeating from the mere notion of "ladies only" poker tounaments? is this perceived lack of ability a kind of sexism that is tolerated?

and what about gays? the "gay man" is never disregarded with a slight-of-hand and the words "gay guy," be it on talk shows or in movies or in any form of's always "gay man" and a respectful kowtow. yes, calling someone a "man" instead of the less-important "guy" has become an expression of respect...something your everyday white man doesn't receive when he's often taken for just "the white guy". why isn't the straight, white man worthy of any affirmative action - and is this lack of acknowledgement towards "joe six-pack" reminiscent of the lack of respect given to america? have both america and "the man" just been superior for too long, are the lesser ones starting to get as jealous as an infant crying "that's not faaaaaiiiiiiirrrrrr" and stomping away? is this jealousy of superiority also extending to non-christian religions?

it's commonly called being "politically correct," all of this kowtowing to the less-than-excellent aspects of society. gold stars for everyone (even women), a plaque on the wall for everyone (even blacks), a place in heaven for everyone (even for unrepentant sinners full of Pride).

here is the truth: the female's body is designed for motherhood, the woman is a nurturer by nature, not a warrior. it is not a woman's place to be trying to prove herself stronger than a fifth grader, a girl becomes a woman with widening hips while a boy becomes a man with widening shoulders. these widening body-parts relate to the role of the genders and what they are designed for, either childbirth or physical strength. men and women should live according to the gender responsible for the aforementioned body parts.

here is the truth: it was wrong for blacks to have been separated from their families in africa, they should never have been used as free labor for convenience. though i do find fault with overcompensation, i can understand why "affirmative action" exists and i know that implementing such compensations for the "children of a lesser mind" is probably much easier than sending all of those "lesser minds" back to africa where there'd be no whites to make them feel lesser.

here is the truth: gays can go against god's (and biology's) plan for humanity, but they shouldn't expect not to be slapped in the face after they die if they were slapping god's (and biology's) plan in the face every day they were living. gays shouldn't get any "affirmative action" in the form of a pastor's lie that says unrepentant sinners who lived a life full of pride and lust are just as qualified to spend eternity in heaven as the repentant sinners are.


The Nobility Of Men was created and written by  dylan terreri, i This petition is hosted here at as a public service. There is no endorsement of this petition, express or implied, by or our sponsors.

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